Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Biosphere & Lustmord present Trinity (2012)

Recently, two legendary ambient musicians Biosphere and Lustmord have teamed together to present a live show: Trinity. You can read a very interesting interview with Lustmord about this project at the Resident Advisor webpage.

They have already done a performance for the Unsound Festival in New York. They will soon be performing at Montréal's Mutek Festival (and hopefully touring elsewhere near you if you are lucky):

"Though both hail from very different worlds – Los Angeles based Lustmord is shrouded in darkness, whilst Biosphere's equally mysterious persona is deeply connected with the Arctic Circle - together they will create a work inspired by the first testing and development of atomic weapons in the New Mexico desert."

Contrary to a lot of ambient bands made for listening at home with a pair of good headphones, Lustmord seems to give a very impressive live performance. I will certainly attend this show!

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