Thursday, September 12, 2013

! Modern Marimba ¡

I had to post about this marimba thing so I guess my blog is reopened! I recently stumbled on a video by a guy called Evan Chapman playing an excellent version of the song Opening by Philip Glass (on the Glassworks album). There is something about the sound of this instruments that makes the song sound better. I feel like the sounds are softer, more flowing than on the original. So I went looking for a studio recording of this song. Turns out I found one. It's by Nathaniel Bartlett on an album called Precipice: Modern Marimba. The album contains marimba renditions of modern composers classics: Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Stravinsky, Boulez and Bartók to name a few. You can buy the excellent Opening version by Nathaniel Bartlett here.


  1. What beauty is stored within those 6 and a half minutes!

  2. This was my favorite Philip Glass song. But the marimba version really has something more.