Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Klaus Nomi — The Cold Song (Live in Germany - 1982)

I'm not very fond of Klaus Nomi's synth-opera music, some of it dosen't age very well. But there is a song by him I think is just timeless. It's his interpretation of The Cold Song taken from Henry Purcell's King Arthur opera. The fact that Nomi knew he was dying of AIDS while giving this show (and that it was certainly his last visit in the country where he grew up) makes his performance all the more intense and troubling.


  1. Though a stunning performer, most of his music was very much of its time. This is a classic clip; if it was all he'd left behind, it would be enough.

  2. I like some of his songs tough. But couldn't listen to a full album ! My 5 years old daughter loves Total Eclipse !