Monday, October 14, 2013

Wim Mertens — Struggle for Pleasure (1988)


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    1. Same here ! You should start yourself a blog, I'd be curious to read you.

    2. Thank you - it means so much coming from you, since this is one of my favourite blog (with all Thom's different blogs and Coilhouse - why are all my favs so frequently on hiatus?).

      I have a Tumblr: The Zeka, but yeah - it is a Tumblr, non-themed and... frequently on hiatus, too.

    3. I was also a reader of Coilhouse. I can't say for the others but the reason I was on a break was because posting something everyday was too time consuming for me. Now I realise there is no need to put something on my blog every day and I have decided to take it easy. By the way I will add The Zeka to my blog list.

    4. Oh, wow, thanks again!

      Yeah, the pressure to post has gotten to me, too.
      (+ The pressure to be 'themed'.)
      It's better to let myself just... be/breathe/relax.

  2. Yes the pressure to be themed is difficult to manage. I try to post all kinds of things but finally I realize this blog has always recurring themes. And there are often things I find interesting but think my readers will not really be interested by. So I stick with the usual themes : ambient music and art.