Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Apoptose — Blutopfer [Calanda Semana Santa]

"Nowhere are they beaten (the drums of Good Friday) with such mysterious power as in Calanda. They beat in recognition of the shadows that covered the earth at the moment Christ died" — Luis Buñuel [exerpt from his autobiography]

Every year, in the small town of Calanda, in Spain, a religious ritual takes place to celebrate the Holy Week. Up to 3000 people gather in the town's Plaza, dressed in purple costumes and play the drums until Easter arrives at midnight. Hooded figures march through the streets with the Virgin Mary statue while playing drums. This tradition has been immortalized and is now famous because it has been filmed by cineast Luis Buñuel, citizen of Calanda. I am not religious, but have always been fascinated by the theatral aspect of religious rituals, even more when music is involved. This really seems like something impressive.

In 2006, the german industrial band Apoptose, has made a recording called Blutopfer mixing sampling of the drums of Calanda with synth music. The result is impressive.

UPDATE: After some research I stumbled on another industrial group that has made industrial versions of the drums of Calanda. It is the Catalan band Vagina Dentana Organ. The album featuring the drums is called Triumph of the flesh.

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  1. Alexandre PelletierMarch 21, 2012 at 10:03 AM

    Vagina Dentana Organ? Sounds like a Christian band.