Saturday, March 3, 2012

Philip K. Dick — Library of America

I already talked about how I loved the Library of America edition of the books of H.P. Lovecraft. For the 30th anniversary of Philip K. Dicks departure (see post before) it seems a good moment to suggest readers have a look at this beautiful edition, in three tomes of this great science-fiction writer's best novels.

The tomes are arranged in chronological order: Four Novels of the 1960's, Five Novels of the 1960's & 70s, Valis and Later Novels. Again the books are beautiful, with fine paper and page marker. I haven't finished the third tome but I'm really enjoying the authors crazy vision of the world, where reality is always different than what we expect. Essential reading for our paranoid 21st century.


  1. Nice to read your appreciation of PKD. Hope you'll check out the "first" VALIS novel - Radio Free Albemuth - and our film adaptation coming out in theatres and dvd later this year. Lots of great conversation on PKD and loosely (sometimes very loosely) related topics on Radio Free Albemuth - Movie page on Facebook (and "like", of course. Some other great material on the movie at

    please spread the word on this indie labor of love attempting to capture the authentic spirit of PKD -
    john alan simon
    director (and adapter), Radio Free Albemuth

  2. Thank you, I will certainly have a look at your project. It's a nice coincidence, the next Philip K. Dick story I am supposed to read is Valis.