Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Hang drum (by PANart)

I was looking at ambient music videos on youtube when I stumbled on some hang drum videos. I was instantly charmed by the unusual sound of this instrument. So I did a little research, wanting to know more.

The Hang drum is an object made of metal, in the shape of a flying saucer and hollow inside. It was inspired by many eastern instruments, gongs, gamelan, gatham drums and bells. The sound of this is just out of this world.

I was wondering if it's possible to buy it somewhere and to learn it from someone. Well, turns out it is only made by the inventors of the instrument, Felix Rohner and Sabina Shärer. They own a little company called PANArt, located in Berne, Switzerland. And it seems you have to go there by yourself to buy it (at a high price). They only build a couple each year, and from what I read they receive tons of demands and can't answer positively to all requests.

If you want to know more about this instrument have a look at the hangblog. There is a library section with a lot of information about it. And just listen to the video below, it sounds... amazing. I have to find a good album featuring this instrument.


  1. Oh, my.
    That is amazing.

    Such a beautiful sound!
    I'd never would've expected it from a... drumming instrument, and one looking like this at that.

  2. Vesica Piscis, by the Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys (as seen in the video you posted) is a great Hang album, if you're looking to get some tunes: :)

    Love Hang!

    1. Hey SupDE, thank you! I'll have a look. (and welcome to my blog by the way!)

  3. Just found it here:
    Vesica Piscis — Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys